The consecration ceremony – Photo: MTI

Potapi attends Bread of Hungarians ceremony in Northern Serbia

Arpad Janos Potapi, state secretary in charge of Hungarian communities in other countries, attended a ceremony held within the annual Bread of the Hungarians programme in northern Serbia's Senta (Zenta) on Saturday.

At the ceremony, in which the grain collected from Hungarian communities across the Carpathian Basin was consecrated, Potapi said the Hungarian nation would be able to restart once the coronavirus epidemic was over.

“Hungarians went through much worse difficulties before and they have always been able to have a new start; it will be like that again,” he said in his address.

Concerning the programme, he said that “bread is an important symbol” for Hungarians, adding he wished that symbol “should always be there in our life and help us to a shared Hungarian future”. A shared future, however, requires a victory over the pandemic in all communities, he said, and called on people to register for vaccination and get the shots “so that family members can again meet each other”.

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