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Portik sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for instigating murder

The Municipal Court on Friday sentenced Tamas Portik to 20 years imprisonment in connection with a murder attempt committed in 1996 and a murder in 1999.

According to the indictment, Portik had operated a gang of 15-20 people from the mid-1990s on, and in 1996 he had commissioned a man linked to crimes, Gyorgy Tanyi to kill Csaba Lakatos, a jockey, who had informed on him in connection with an earlier murder case. At the horse-racing track in November 1996, Tanyi fired four shots at Lakatos, three of which hit the man, however, his life could be saved. Tanyi was handed an 11-year prison sentence in January 2018, however, Portik was only indicted in the case in August next year.

The court integrated the procedure with another one in connection with a murder committed in 1999, when Portik had commissioned Gabor K. and Jozsef Sz., members of his gang, to kill Jozsef Gyure, a childhood friend. The two men murdered Gyure in his apartment and threw the body in the River Danube.

The Municipal Court in a non-binding ruling on Friday handed Portik a prison term of 20 years for instigating murder, and Gabor K. a prison term of 14 years for premeditated murder.

Jozsef Sz., who has cooperated with the authorities, is being prosecuted in a separate procedure.

The prosecutor has appealed for life imprisonment for the defendants, while the defendants appealed for acquittal.

Portik is currently serving a 13-year prison term for his role in the murder of former media mogul Janos Fenyo and other crimes.

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