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Poll: Overwhelming majority of Hungarians support selective fuel price caps

The vast majority, 73 percent of Hungarian voters support the government's decision to cap fuel prices at 480 forints (EUR 1.2) for Hungarian consumers only, the Nezopont Institute said on Friday.

According to a government decision announced on May 26, only motorists with Hungarian number plates are eligible to buy fuel at reduced prices, while foreigners have to pay market prices at Hungarian pumps.

Nezopont said that 73 percent of respondents supported the measure while 21 percent opposed it.

Pro-government voters were more inclined to favour the step, with 87 percent supporting and 10 percent rejecting it. Among sympathisers of opposition parties, 53 percent supported and 39 percent rejected it, Nezopont said.

Nezopont asked 1,000 people over the phone between June 7 and 9. The sample was repesentative of Hungary’s adult population, it said.

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