Illustration – Photo: MTI

Political parties mark Children’s Day

"Children are a nation's future," the parliamentary group leader of the co-ruling Christian Democrats said in a statement on Sunday, marking International Children's Day.

Istvan Simicsko highlighted the government’s “globally unique” pro-family measures in the past 10 years, and said that the system had helped families prosper and “create a stable environment” for children. He called for further efforts to ensure that “a future resting on stable foundations” is built for children, which he said would guarantee prosperity for the nation.

Opposition LMP co-leader Mate Kanasz-Nagy told a press conference that “adults should build a country in which all children’s dreams come true” and said it was crucial that education should ensure equal opportunities irrespective of “what kind of family the child comes from” and “provide skills with which children could succeed in a changing world”.

Marking the day, Socialist MP Ildiko Borbely Bango proposed that the state should make a bank deposit for each child, which they could cash when they are 18 and spend the money on accommodation or education. The lawmaker slammed the government whose “pro-family policies are just words” and insisted that some 400,000 children were living in deep poverty. “Those children hardly have any chance to live in decent conditions when they grow up,” she warned. Eliminating child poverty and assisting families are top priorities for the Socialist Party, she said, adding that “a safe subsistence for families is the basis for a stable society”.

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