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Political director: EU now super state where independent viewpoints ‘are quashed’

The European Union has turned into a super state where member states that express an independent viewpoint are quashed and ostracised, Balazs Orban, the prime minister's political director, said on Monday at a conference held by the National University of Public Service (NKE).

Orban said the EU was guided by the principle that Brussels should be given “as much power as possible” on the ground that it “knew best what to do with it”.

Brussels bureaucrats “cannot find solutions to problems or they don’t want to,” he said. Yet they still want to take over the powers of member states “in more and more policy areas”, he said, citing the areas of migration and foreign policy.

The political director also said Europe was “vulnerable” due to its precarious supply of raw material and energy due to “bad decision-making”. Member states, he added, would continue to bear the burden of high prices and dwindling competitiveness.

Instead of ideological approaches, the EU “should return to rational decision-making”, and relationships should be built up rather than policies of exclusion pursued, he said.

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