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Police uncover group accused of plotting to ‘take over’ Hungary

The National Bureau of Investigations (NNI) on Tuesday uncovered a group suspected of plotting to overthrow the constitutional order of Hungary and disarm the police and armed forces, the NNI said on the official website

The authorities launched an investigation last November when the group posted a video on a public media website announcing the establishment of a “Scythian Hungary group” and the arming of militias. They said they would arrest “all incumbent and former members of government” and “disarm the police and turn the armed forces”.

NNI cooperated with the TEK counter-terrorism unit in the sweep conducted in Veszprem, Pest, Zala and Bacs-Kiskun Counties, involving 150 police officers in 10 locations.

Police have questioned eight people as suspects and subsequently detained three men, a 53-year-old, a 68-year-old and an 88-year-old. They also seized guns and documents which contained statements denying the legitimacy of the Republic of Hungary, as well as IDs and other papers issued in the name of Scythian Hungary.

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