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Police take down fraudulent call centre network operated from Ukraine targeting Hungarians

Ukrainian and Hungarian police in a joint operation have cracked down on a call centre network specialised in online fraud operated from Ukraine and targeting Hungarians, police announced on Tuesday.

Based on an investigation by Hungarian police, Ukrainian authorities were first contacted in March, and police action against two call centres was taken on June 3, head of the rapid response police unit of the national bureau of investigation, Aron Jeney, told a press conference, noting that 30 Hungarian victims have been identified whose losses total 360 million forints (EUR 920,000).

The fraudulent call centres were operated by a man, 29, with two accomplices. So far, 41 people have been apprehended, 19 have been arrested, and foreign currency totalling more than 20 million forints in value, and 12 high-value vehicles have been seized.

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