Demonstration against the introduction of the new kata-law in Budapest - Photo: MTI

Police take action against protesters after kata demonstrations

Police have detained several protesters who obstructed traffic in Budapest and brought charges in one case of violence against a police officer, among others, after a demonstration held against changes to the small entrepreneurs' tax (kata) at the square in front of Parliament late on Wednesday.

The official website has said that while the police ensured citizens’ right to free expression of opinion and peaceful protest, they took action when demonstrators obstructed traffic in busy junctions.

Police have filed misdemeanor charges against three people who blocked traffic in the junction of Andrassy Boulevard and Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street in downtown Budapest.

Police have arrested a man who hit a police officer on the head with a chain, on suspicion of violence against a person in official capacity, and another for rowdy behaviour, the website said. Two people were arrested on Elisabeth Bridge for disobeying police instructions to keep to the pavement. Another two were detained on Margaret Bridge for similar reasons. Three people were restrained after refusing to obey police instructions.

Parliament on Tuesday adopted amendments to the regulations of the Itemised Tax for Small Businesses (kata), increasing the income threshold for taxpayers to 18 million forints (EUR 44,000) per year from 12 million, and restricting the circle of eligible entrepreneurs. Kata will be available for sole proprietors only from September 1. To eliminate hidden employment, only entrepreneurs providing services and goods for private customers would be eligible.

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