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Police investigating Serbian man accused of unruly behaviour on Budapest-bound flight

Budapest airport police have launched an investigation into the actions of an unruly Serbian passenger on a Budapest-bound flight last month, said on Thursday.

Citing press reports, the Airport Police Directorate said passengers had to restrain a Serbian man on a plane flying from Spain to Budapest on Nov. 11 after he accosted several other passengers and began throwing objects from the galley across the cabin.

After being ordered by the flight attendants to stop, the suspect tried to start a fight. Because passengers were concerned he would try to open the plane’s door, several of them restrained him and tied him up. The incident caused the flight to arrive late in Budapest.

The 29-year-old man was detained upon arrival at Liszt Ferenc International Airport. He told police he had had a panic attack on the flight and “couldn’t wait to land”. The Airport Police Directorate said the suspect claimed not to remember acting aggressively on board.

Given that the incident involves a foreign national on board a foreign aircraft, Hungary has no jurisdiction in the matter, the statement said, adding that the Airport Police Directorate has initiated a retrospective investigation of the case.

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