Prime Minister Viktor Orbán - Photo: PMO

PM’s speech also addressed future of Europe, says foundation manager

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's speech on March 15 addressed the future of Europe, the European Union and the issue of war and peace, the programme manager of the Lajos Batthyany Foundation told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio on Sunday.

Viktor Orbán’s speech was about the past, current political events, and the future as well, Istvan Pocza said. These are connected as there is an election campaign in which, taking the lessons of the past, a decision must be made in the current political situation that will not be for five years, but will influence the future of Europe for much longer, he said.

Pocza said the election is a decision that is not only an option for everyone, but in this case it is almost a duty in Hungary and Europe as well. As the prime minister said, the elections for the European Parliament are also a question of war and peace, he added.

Talking about the speeches given at the commemoration events of the opposition, Pocza said it was clear that the parties wanted to diminish public attention on the war.

Citing public opinion polls, he said Hungarians did not want the country to be involved in the war, therefore, if the opposition parties positioned themselves against this, their election defeat could be said to be “almost automatic”.

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