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PM’s political director: Guaranteeing Hungary’s security ‘a priority’

Since European leaders are sticking to their "pro-war stance", the government continues to work to guarantee Hungary's security and peace, the prime minister's political director said in Brussels on Thursday.

Speaking to journalists on the last day of an informal European summit, Balazs Orban said an increasing number of European leaders “are following a pro-war stance, despite the news from the front”, and were working to increase weapon deliveries and military support for Ukraine.

“Hungary still stands alone with its pro-peace stance. The Russia-Ukraine conflict does not have a solution on the battlefield,” he said.

The sooner the parties start negotiating, “the likelier that we can avoid the outbreak of the third world war”, he said.

At the same time, until European member states complete that “strategic turnaround”, the Hungarian government will continue to work to ensure the peace and safety of the country, he said.

That will involve staying away from war preparations and will not allow Hungary to be dragged into decisions on EU military support… We will ensure that Hungary will not appear to be a part of the conflict…” he said.

A new “less hawkish” European leadership after the June 9 European parliamentary elections would allow more space for pro-peace proposals, he said.

The political director said the “bad decisions of the past five years” had resulted in Europe’s deteriorating competitiveness. One of the most important priorities of the Hungarian presidency will be to foster a “competitiveness turnaround”, he added.

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