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PM’s political director: Brussels elite misinterpreting European voters’ will

The Brussels elite is misintrepreting European voters' will because whereas voters' preferences clearly reflect a shift to the right and right-wing parties have strengthened, they view the election results as if they were a reaffirmation of the elite's past era, the prime minister's political director said on Thursday.

Balazs Orban said Hungary would be the member of a coalition in Brussels that urges changes and believes that past policies have been proven wrong and they failed, so the EU needs a new direction.

Orban said talks were under way with the participation of Hungarian ruling party MEPs, aiming to set up a large right-wing sovereigntist coalition in Europe that pursued policies based on patriotism. The various intitiatives would be made public in the upcoming days, he added.

“The Hungarian position remains unchanged,” he said. “The European right wing sovereigntist patriotic forces must work together and the more of them can cooperate, the stronger we can represent the European people’s will in Brussels,” he added.


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