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PM’s policy director: Hungary achieved strategic goals, managed to promote national interests

Hungary has achieved its strategic goals at the European Union summit both in connection with Ukraine's accession talks and financial support, and has also managed to protect its national interests, the prime minister's policy director said in Brussels on Friday.

Balazs Orban told the Hungarian press that Hungary had made it clear in connection with Ukraine’s EU accession that it did not agree with the decision and considered it a mistake.

“Our theoretical position remains that Ukraine is not prepared for EU accession and therefore the relevant talks are not worth starting,” he added.

The approval of a 50 billion euro financial package for Ukraine would have seriously and immediately harmed Hungary’s interests, he said.

“The EU wants to finance a failed strategy which makes no sense,” he added.

Commenting on the post-pandemic Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) interest cost increase, he said that as long as Hungary does not receive any money, it cannot approve any further decision.

Hungary maintains its position under which the decision must be postponed, probably to early next year, he said. Additionally, the European Council has set a task for the European Commission “to deal with the problems of Hungarians”, he added.

“It will show whether the funds due to be paid to Hungary arrive in order or Brussels continues its political blackmail,” he said.

“Additionally, it will be possible to assess if the EC is open to discussions on important issues for Hungary in connection with the amendment of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF),” Orban said. “If it is, then the talks can be continued but if it isn’t, then the budget will stay as it is,” he added.

Hungary does not see a need to amend the EU’s 2021-2027 budget, he said.

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