Prime minister Viktor Orbán - Photo: MTI

PM vaccinated with Sinopharm

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been vaccinated with the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, photographs posted on his Facebook page on Sunday showed.

The PM got the jab at a vaccination point in the Hungarian Armed Forces Medical Centre.

Chief Medical Officer Cecilia Muller said on Saturday that she had especially recommended Orbán to get vaccinated. She said the move would set an example to the public and encourage more people to get vaccinated, no matter where the vaccine originates from.

She added that she had also proposed that members of the body in charge of epidemic prevention should also get inoculated because vaccination offers hope to finish the third wave of the epidemic with few victims and the pandemic to end.

Vaccination is the only possible protection against the coronavirus epidemic, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Sunday after receiving the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine. Orban said on Facebook that “we are being attacked by the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic which will be stronger than the previous two”. He asked all Hungarians to register and get vaccinated.

Vaccination ‘only possible protection’, PM says

Orbán said it was “worth listening to those who know better”, adding that he was vaccinated after Chief Medical Officer Cecilia Muller had decided that the members of the body in charge of epidemic prevention should also be vaccinated.

A video posted on Facebook showed Orbán being vaccinated after receiving a medical examination including a temperature check. The doctor carrying out the vaccination said in the video that the best vaccine was one that had been administered.

After getting vaccinated, Orbán said in his office that he had no complaints at all and encouraged people not to fear vaccination.

He added that tens of thousands of ethnic Hungarians had received the Chinese vaccine in Vojvodina and several thousand people in Hungary. He called on people to trust Hungarian professionals.

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