The building of the European Parliament in Brussels – Photo: wikipedia

PM advisor: Government working to thwart introduction of resettlement quotas

Hungary's government continues to work to thwart the adoption of mandatory resettlement quotas in the European Union, in line with Hungarian citizens' wishes expressed in a referendum, the prime minister's top security advisor told public news channel M1 on Thursday, referring to a 2016 plebiscite on EU quotas.

Gyorgy Bakondi said that the package adopted last week would “have a long-term impact on the everyday lives of European citizens and European security”. He insisted that the package would weigh on public security, the welfare system and public health care.

The new regulation was approved “in a surprise move, through abuse of power, and by ignoring the interests of many nation states,” he added.

The government will continue to find ways to thwart the introduction of “such a disadvantageous and dangerous step”. “Any measure resulting in the acceptance and keeping of people coming to Europe with no identification, with the help of organised crime, is a serious issue of sovereignty and national interest, and will not be implemented in Hungary as long as the country has a patriotic government,” he said.

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