Peter Ungar – Photo: Facebook

Peter Ungar to head LMP EP list

Opposition party LMP co-leader Peter Ungar was chosen at the green party's conference on Saturday to lead the party's list in the 2024 European Parliament election.

In his acceptance speech, Ungar promised voters to focus on substantive issues and try to foster a calm and peaceful society.

Ungar said other political parties merely offered “more hate”, while LMP sought to present an alternative to those who believed that “capital ranks above people” and “everything is for sale”.

Ungar said he had headed the party’s EP list since he was currently recognised as the LMP’s most suitable politician, but he did not intend to take his seat as an MEP.

Erzsebet Schmuck is second on LMP’s EP election list, followed by Ors Tetlak, Mate Kanasz-Nagy, Krisztina Hohn, Janos Kendernay and Gabor Hanak.

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