Peter Marki-Zay (Illustration) - Photo: Facebook

Peter Marki-Zay and others found new ‘Everyone’s Hungary People’s Party’

Peter Marki-Zay, the one time joint opposition candidate for prime minister, has announced a new opposition party, Everyone's Hungary People's Party (Mindenki Magyarorszaga Neppart).

The new party “is in opposition to the system, not part of it”, Marki-Zay told a press conference held in front of Parliament on Saturday. “What’s now needed is not an opposition but resistance,” he declared at the event streamed on his YouTube channel.

He said the “system” of Prime Minister Viktor Orban could not be overturned in an election, so action must be taken to change the rules.

Marki-Zay pledged to take a stand for “persecuted social groups” such as teachers, students, health and law enforcement workers.

Also, a “change in culture” was needed, he said, adding that Hungary was “poor due to corruption”, and that Hungarians were emigrating because of endemic graft.

What distinguishes the new party from the others, he said, was that they exclusively functioned on the back of donations and eschewed state funding.

Marki-Zay added that Everyone for Hungary People’s Party, an offshoot of the Everyone’s Hungary Movement, would strive to join the European People’s Party over the longer term.

The new party will not participate in the local elections but it will do so in the European Parliament elections, he said.

Another founder, Tibor Barna, called the new party “Western”, though it would stand up for Hungarian national interests and values while being “open-thinking” and taking “a 21st-century approach”.

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