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Peter Magyar: Everyone must act for change

Everyone must act for change, Peter Magyar said at a demonstration he called in Budapest on Saturday. "We are the nuclear bomb, the Hungarian people," Magyar said, adding that the solution could not just be expected from him.

“It won’t be enough to just sit back in the arm chair and post comments, today the square here is ours, the streets of Pest, but we must take back our villages and our cities,” the lawyer told sympathisers who filled Kossuth Square at an event called National March and Demonstration for a New Hungary.

“We Hungarians, we will unite. In the Stand Up, Hungarians! Community, it doesn’t matter if somebody is a conservative civic democrat, a national liberal or a social democrat, it doesn’t matter if they are a man or a woman, a senior or a young person, single or with a family, a believer or an atheist. Just one thing counts with us: if somebody wants to do something about a safe liveable future for their country, their children and their grandchildren,” Magyar said. “We will take back our country step by step, brick by brick, and build a new country, a sovereign, modern and European Hungary,” he added.

He announced a run in the European Parliament election on June 9. He pledged to announce the party with the help of whom that election run would be made “when the time comes”. He added that he wanted to achieve a result that would be “the first nail in the NER coffin”. He said applications were expected for the EP list and that conditions would be available online from Monday. He said June 9 would be a decisive day for the future, offering an alternative to Hungarians. He said he would travel around the country for two months.

Addressing Hungary’s ties with the European Union, Magyar pointed to the importance of a sovereign Hungary and a strong European Union founded on strong nation states. He proposed winding up the debates over rule of law and bringing EU funding to Hungary as soon as possible, adding that he would immediately get the country to join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, and strive to engage in constructive but critical dialogue with EU institutions, while rejecting the notion of a federal European superstate, and genuinely support the Hungarian economy.

In his speech, the lawyer called Ferenc Gyurcsany, the head of the opposition Democratic Coalition, a pillar and safeguard of the NER. He added that the pair of Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Gyurcsany had been unchanged for 20 years and later urged the “start of a new era in Hungary”.

Magyar said a child in harm’s way today could not count on genuine and swift help. He pressed for as much money as the government spent on propaganda to be given to the victims of Bicske.

Magyar announced the establishment of an association called Be the Change that his sympathisers and supporters could join. He said the association would provide a legal framework for their cooperation and allow anybody to provide support for their shared causes with volunteer work, counsel or material contributions.

He ended his speech with the message “we’ll meet on Mother’s Day”.

The march to Kossuth Square started at Deak Ferenc Square on Saturday afternoon and was led by Magyar who stood behind a banner on which was written “Stand up, Hungarians! Fear not!”

MTI correspondents at the scene reported that there were Hungarian, EU and Roma flags waving in the crowd. A large Swiss flag could also be seen as well as several signs bearing the names of Hungarian settlements. The participants chanted “we want change” and “we’ll stand up for our country”, while some carried placards reading “Orban regime for sale or to be changed for a livable country”, “we are not afraid” and “I want to live here at home, too”.

Before Magyar’s speech, the actor Andras Balint spoke, the actor Ervin Nagy read letters from Hungarians living abroad, and Peter Keresztesi, who arrived from Switzerland, addressed the people in the square. Janos Nagy, the mayor of Szigetszentmiklos who ran under the aegis of the united DK-Momentum-Jobbik-Socialist-LMP-Everybody’s Hungary in the last election, the Reformed Church pastor Zoltan Tarr and the opera singer Andrea Rost also took the stage.

Menczer: Peter Magyar new politician of dollar left

Peter Magyar is the new politician of the dollar left, and the left would take Hungary to war, the communications director of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats said on Saturday.

Tamas Menczer said in a video on Facebook that Magyar was “exactly like Peter Marki-Zay and exactly the same people support him that supported Peter Marki-Zay”.

“Let us never forget that the dollar left would destroy Hungary’s peace and security, they would take us to war, they would let in the migrants and they would let gender propaganda loose on us,” he added.

Menczer said the situation was currently “more serious than ever before … because what we can see in the world today is preparations for war”.

“The pro-war people are preparing for war and this war could easily turn into a world war”, he said.

“The left wing would send weapons and Hungarians soldiers to war, as they have clearly said,” he added,

“They would take us into a destructive war because those that finance them expect this,” he said.

Menczer said “we must protect Hungary’s peace and security, and only [Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán and the Fidesz-Christian Democrats are able to do this”.

He cited Orbán who told a March 15 celebration in front of the National Museum that “we are and we will be, this is our victory”.

Menczer said “let’s send those people to Brussels who consider Hungary’s peace and security important” and added that “this is why we must vote for Fidesz-Christian Democrats”.

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