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Parliamentary EU affairs committee head: 2024 year of protecting sovereignty

The year 2024 will be dedicated to protecting sovereignty, with "great battles to be fought in the spring", the head of parliament's European Affairs committee said on Monday. Judit Varga told a conference organised by the Szazadveg Institute dubbed Sovereignty that borders must be defined between states as well as between states and international organisations in terms of self-governance and freedom.

In certain matters, such as migration, marriage and family, nobody should decide on behalf of Hungarians, she said. “Yet, in Brussels they want to make decisions on Hungarians’ behalf in these and some more serious issues, such as war and peace,” she added.

“Instead of observing the treaties and laws, the EU defines the borders between EU competencies and member states’ powers on the basis of political tastes and preferences, in line with an arbitrary choice of values,” Varga said.

Hungary must fight for its sovereignty within the borders and outside the borders, she said. “Attacks by the servants of foreign interests must be fought back,” she added citing “pseudo-NGOs and rolling dollars being used to undermine Hungarians’ self-governance”.

Referring to the election results in Poland, she said “Poland has lost the ability to protect its sovereignty”.

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