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Parliamentary committee initiates changes to rules on bailiffs

Parliament's legislative committee has proposed changes to the law on judicial enforcement that would require the immediate suspension of bailiffs under criminal investigation.

The committee’s proposal initiated by ruling party lawmakers would amend a bill on Hungary’s next presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2024 and related provisions.

Under the amendment proposal, the head of the Hungarian Chamber of Bailiffs would have the right to move to suspend or cancel the appointment of a bailiff, deputy bailiff or candidate who is under criminal investigation.

While the suspension of bailiffs under investigation for criminal negligence would not be mandatory, those under investigation for intentional wrongdoing would have be suspended with immediate effect.

Bailiffs under investigation would be required to notify the head of the Supervisory Authority for Regulated Services and the head of the official body of the Chamber of Bailiffs, under the proposal.

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