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Parbeszed urges government to do all it can to cut greenhouse gas emissions

The opposition Parbeszed party has called on the government to do everything possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Parbeszed has submitted an amendment proposal to the draft budget that would allocate more than 3 billion forints (EUR 7.6m) towards green goals, lawmaker Rebeka Szabo told an online press conference.

She said man-induced climate change was the reason why heat records kept being broken.

Parbeszed wants the government to spend more on the insulation of buildings so that they do not absorb too much heat, Szabo said. Having air conditioners running all the time is not the solution because when they are on they are “heating the street”, she added.

Szabo said health institutions, hospitals and operating rooms specifically should all have air conditioning to limit the spread of pathogens.

Meanwhile, she called on the government not to build over public parks but to support them.

Local councils need state resources, “not tax revenue cuts” to perform their duties, such as the operation of public wells, distributing water and looking after the elderly, she said.


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