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Parbeszed turns to trade minister to clarify if battery plant planned near Pecs

The opposition Parbeszed-Greens have written to the minister of foreign affairs and trade asking him to clarify if the government is planning any investments related to battery production in a greenfield area near Pecs, in southern Hungary, which was recently reclassified as an industrial area.

A few days ago, the official gazette Magyar Kozlony published a decree declaring certain land areas near Pecs as targets for investment, Parbeszed parliamentary group leader Timea Szabo told a press briefing on Wednesday.

She said it was as yet unknown what kind of industrial investments were planned for the “highly valuable agricultural area”, adding that the area was only 10km from the city’s drinking water base and new projects there were potentially hazardous.

Questions such as which investors have approached the government, who owns the newly classified areas, were local councils involved in the decisions, and were locals consulted must be answered, she added.

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