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Parbeszed to submit proposals to curb violence against women

The opposition Parbeszed party is submitting a resolution proposal and law amendments to parliament aiming to curb violence against women, the party's co-leaders told a press conference on Wednesday.

Co-leader Rebeka Szabo cited a survey on the situation of women which ranked Hungary 25th on the issue among European Union states. The gender wage gap is much larger in Hungary than the EU average, she said.

EU polls put the number of women aged 17-80 who have suffered some sort of violence at 1 million. Some 200,000 Hungarian women are subjected to domestic violence, she said.

Parbeszed is calling for stricter punishment in cases of serious domestic violence, she said.

Meanwhile, the party is also calling for promoting women’s autonomy by raising the family allowance, making school attendance mandatory until the age of 18, and extending state support for contraceptives, she said. It also proposes that women with particularly heavy menstrual pain should get extra days off, she said.

Co-leader Bence Tordai praised Parbeszed as a “feminist” party where quotas played and important role. Parbeszed has a female and a male co-leader and is the only party to have more women than men on its board, he said.

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