The Rakosrendezo train station - Photo: Wikipedia

Parbeszed to submit constitutional amendment proposal to prevent investment project

The opposition Parbeszed plans to initiate a constitutional amendment to prevent the government from transferring the Rakosrendezo area in Budapest to Arab investors, the party's co-leader said on Thursday.

Rebeka Szabo said that at least thirty tenants would be “put out in the street” from the service flats they currently occupy in the area. She demanded that these residents be offered good quality and affordable housing in exchange.

Szabo said that instead of building skyscrapers in the area, an affordable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly garden district should be developed.

She said one of Budapest’s “golden reserves” was planned to be transferred to the investors. She added that “an environmentally catastrophic investment” would be started and “the money will be stolen”.

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