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Parbeszed to submit amendment proposal to prevent Hungary from becoming ‘battery cemetery’

The opposition Parbeszed-Greens is going to submit an amendment proposal to the waste management law in order to ensure that Hungary does not become a "battery cemetery", the party's co-leader and lawmaker said on Monday.

Rebeka Szabo told an online press conference that the government strategy to make Hungary a “battery empire” was very risky because it requires huge amounts of water, energy and land. The party does not want Hungary to become a “battery disposal facility” and if the government plans are carried out, plenty of waste resulting from battery making could make its way to Hungary, even from other European locations, she added.

Battery waste must be recycled and it would be best if Hungary, which has no sufficient amount of water and electricity, should not be forced to establish extra capacities for processing waste from batteries returned from abroad, she said.

Authority regulations are not strict enough in Hungary for such an industry to operate safely, she said.

The party is preparing to submit an amendment proposal to the law on waste management to stipulate that faulty batteries withdrawn from use abroad should not be returned to Hungary for re-processing, she added.

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