Parbeszed to ask Sovereignty Protection Authority to review Chinese, Russian agreements, Paks 2 contracts

Opposition Parbeszed will ask the Sovereignty Protection Authority, once it is set up, to review contracts signed for the Paks 2 nuclear power station project and certain agreements with China and Russia, Benedek Javor who is heading the party's list for the upcoming European Parliament election said on Saturday.

The newly set-up Sovereignty Protection Authority will be tasked with “pestering civilians, opposition politicians and journalists, pursuing smear campaigns, and producing Russian-type kompromats”, he said. He added that these were tasks that have nothing to do with Hungary’s sovereignty but “they will involve removing the remains of democracy”.

At the same time, Javor said action should be taken to protect Hungary’s sovereignty, with recent years’ efforts by Russia and China to gain influence “with methods known from the Balkans and the third world, by developing economic and political dependencies”.

Parbeszed will ask the Sovereignty Protection Authority to review a Russian-Hungarian nuclear cooperation agreement, the Paks expansion contracts including its financing deals, Hungary’s long-term gas supply contracts and gas transport agreements, the Budapest-Belgrade railway construction agreement, and the case of a Chinese loan provided to MVM, he said.

Javor said these contracts need to be reviewed in order to reveal how Russia and China interfere in Hungary’s domestic affairs.

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