The Paks nuclear power plant – Photo: OAH

Parbeszed queries government in connection with Paks nuclear plant

The opposition Parbeszed party on Thursday said it has submitted a series of questions to the government in connection with the upgrade of Hungary's nuclear power plant in Paks.

Benedek Javor, an advisor to the party, told an online press conference that the public had a right to know what the government was planning that had recently “seriously endangered the security of Hungary’s energy supply”.

Javor said Parbeszed wanted to know whether the government had plans to replace the nuclear fuel for the Paks plant with fuel supplied by US-based Westinghouse or another manufacturer.

The party also seeks information on whether the government had contacted Westinghouse or any other supplier, and if any sort of agreement had been reached on the matter, he said.

Another quesiton Parbeszed wants answered is whether the government discussed involving a broader circle of French companies in the upgrade project, and was this discussed by French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Viktor Orban at their most recent meeting, Javor said.

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