Parbeszed proposes measures to tackle energy shortage

The opposition Parbeszed party is proposing a series of measures to save Hungary from "serious energy shortages in the next 10 years," Benedek Javor, an advisor to the party, said on Tuesday.

Javor said the Paks nuclear plant upgrade project should be terminated, “with regard to the war-related vis major and the Russian partner’s non-compliance”. “Hungary must become independent of Russian gas and nuclear fuel,” he said.

Second, the government should meet the European Commission’s preconditions “in full” to ensure Hungary’s access to EU funding, he told an online press briefing, adding that the funds could cover an upgrade of the country’s electric grid and increase its capacity to handle inputs of 6,000 MW of solar and 3,500 MW of wind energy. Parbeszed would also lift restrictions on the generation of this kind of energy, he said.

Parbeszed would also spend an annual 300 billion forints (EUR 796m) to help up to 150,000 families insulate their homes, Javor said.

Javor strongly advised against the “mass construction” of battery plants, and suggested that the country’s competitiveness could be improved through training and support for research and development.

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