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Parbeszed lawmaker slams government for legislation bypassing parliament

The deputy group leader of opposition Parbeszed-Zoldek on Sunday slammed the government parties for bypassing parliament and submitting drafts and amendment proposals just a few hours ahead of sessions.

Andras Jambor told an online press conference that several pieces of legislation had been amended by the ruling parties in parliament’s legislative committee earlier this week and then submitted a few hours ahead of a plenary session.

One of the draft amendments expands the circle of officials whose salaries can be set by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “single-handedly”, Jambor said. Another proposal the ruling parties submitted a few hours before the parliamentary session was one that “rewrites the entire legal system” in connection with a deal between the government and the European Union, he added.

Such legislation is unacceptable and in a parliamentary democracy it should be basic practice that “legislation is passed with the understanding of society”, he said.

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