Lake Ferto – Photo: wikipedia

Parbeszed: Investors terminate Lake Ferto project

The investors of a construction project at Lake Ferto, a protected area in north-western Hungary, have decided to terminate the scheme, a local opposition councillor of the Sopron city assembly said on Friday.

Adrienn Jakal, of the Parbeszed party, told an online press conference that four years ago the investors had cordoned off the area and eradicated the natural environment. “But now it has turned out that there’s not enough money to complete the megalomaniac luxury investment,” she said.

She has called on Sopron Mayor Ciprian Farkas, Attila Barcza, the city’s lawmaker for ruling Fidesz, and Bela Karpati, director of the Sopron-Ferto Tourism Development Zrt, to inform locals about the lake’s future without delay.

In April, Karpati said that the project would cover 60 hectares and include upgrading the beach, building a yacht port and a 12-hectare eco-centre with a building for events. A campsite, a sports centre, apartments and a 2,500sqm hotel with fewer than 100 rooms would also be built, he said.

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