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Parbeszed-Greens: Government preferring ‘Chinese investors to Hungarians’

The government "prefers Chinese investors to the Hungarian people", Richard Barabas, spokesman for the opposition Parbeszed-Greens party, told an online press conference on Saturday, in reference to planned battery plant projects in eastern Hungary.

Barabas said it was “incomprehensible, how a battery plant, built as a Chinese investment, using foreign materials and employing very few Hungarians, in low positions and for meagre wages could contribute to Hungary’s development”.

The government’s argument that it is aimed at protecting Hungarian jobs is false, Barabas insisted, and mentioned a Samsung project at God, north of Budapest, in which “only half of the employees are Hungarian, including a negligible portion of locals”.

Referring to the government’s proposal to introduce less stringent regulations for foreigners taking up employment in Hungary, Barabas said “the government has admitted that there is no labour supply to support the battery plant projects”.

Barabas said his party would turn to the European Commission over the battery plant projects. He insisted that the plants would be constructed too close to residential areas and their water consumption would exceed EU-set limits.

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