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Parbeszed-Greens call for glyphosate ban in Hungary

The opposition Parbeszed-Greens party has said it is submitting a bill to MPs on banning the use of glyphosate in Hungary, noting that the World Health Organization (WHO) regards the herbicide as potentially carcinogenic.

“A debate about this agent has been going in the EU for ten years,” Benedek Javor told an online press briefing on Tuesday, noting that Hungary insisted on using glyphosate even though member states, green groups and EU institutions wanted it banned.

“It’s all the more baffling given that glyphosate is used for treating GMO crops which are banned under Hungary’s constitution,” he said.

As Brussels has referred the authorisation for the use of the herbicide to member states, Parbeszed calls on the government to seek alternative agents and explore ways to phase out glyphosate, he added.

Javor insisted that the herbicide damaged soil and pollinators and solely benefited its producers, Monsanto and Bayer. The government, he added, should put the health of Hungarians and the country’s environment ahead of the interests of those multinationals.

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