Illustration - Photo: MTI

Parbeszed: Greens are revolutionaries of current era

The revolutionaries of the current era are greens because they want peace, freedom, consensus and a green Hungary, the co-leader of opposition Parbeszed said, marking the March 15 national holiday on Wednesday.

Bence Tordai said in a video message that March 15 was a holiday that stood the test of time because it concerns some basic principles, such as liberty, equality and fraternity.

“Hungarians went against oppression in 1848 because they dreamed about a freer and more liveable country, and said no to everything that resulted from oppression and despotism,” he said. “They asked what the Hungarian nation wanted and gave an answer: let there be peace, liberty and consensus,” he added.

Greens have always wanted peace and they are dedicated pacifists, he said. An important realisation of the continually developing green movement is that cooperation is the main guarantee for peace, he added.

Tordai said Hungarians should understand today that being pro-peace does not mean “abandoning the attacked and cheering for the aggressor” but helping the victim and establishing the conditions for fair peace. Revolutionary heroes “Kossuth and Petofi turn in their graves when the Hungarian prime minister serves the same Russian autocracy that also crushed the Hungarian freedom fight of 1849,” he added,

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