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Parbeszed files complaint over waste management at Samsung plant

The opposition Parbeszed-Zoldek is filing a complaint over suspected violation of waste management rules by the Samsung plant in God near Budapest and asked the chief public prosecutor to investigate it, the leader of the party's European parliamentary list said on Tuesday.

Benedek Javor told an online press conference that according to an environmental review, the plant’s operation had been “practically continually irregular” in recent years and it was still impossible to ensure that it could operate without violating environmental threshold values.

The party has previously called on the authorities to withdraw the factory’s operational permit, Javor said. A response Samsung SDI has given to numerous concerns failed to address issues concerning air pollution, noise and water use, he added.

As a result, Parbeszed believes the plant’s lawful operation cannot be guaranteed, he said.

Samsung SDI has failed to clarify what happens with the 40,000 tonnes of waste produced, partially including hazardous waste, he added.

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