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Parbeszed files complaint against Orbán for ‘scare-mongering’

Opposition Parbeszed on Friday said it is filing a complaint against Prime Minister Viktor Orbán "and his Fidesz associates" for "scare-mongering".

Addressing a press conference, Timea Szabo, the party’s group leader, noted that in an interview with public radio earlier in the day, the prime minister had said that “the left wing remains pro-war”.

Szabo called Orbán’s remark a “blatant lie”, pointing out that under Hungary’s penal code, those who “spread false information that causes anxiety or confusion among the public during a state of emergency” faced a penalty of up to three years in prison.

She said Orbán’s and ruling Fidesz’s insistence that the opposition, including Parbeszed, was pro-war constituted scare-mongering, leaving the party with no choice but to file a complaint.

“A prime minister cannot act so irresponsibly with such nefarious political goals in such a tense situation when there is actually a war going on in a neighbouring country,” Szabo said, calling on Orbán to “stop spreading fake news”.

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