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Parbeszed: Fidesz ‘has betrayed Hungarian Roma’

Fidesz has betrayed the Hungarian Roma and the ruling party does not deserve the vote of a single Roma, Bence Tordai, the deputy leader of the Parbeszed opposition party, said on Saturday.

Tordai told a press briefing that a leaked video showed government commissioner for Roma relations, Attila Sztojka, attempting to coerce Roma politicians into supporting Fidesz.

The Parbeszed politician said the head of the Directorate-General for Social Opportunity operating under the interior ministry had effectively “attacked democracy”. Accordingly, the party has written to Sandor Pinter, the interior minister, for information regarding the contents of the video, he noted.

Momentum politician Lajos Locsei told the same press briefing that the leaked footage proved that Fidesz government officials were “eavesdropping and intimidating public figures” beyond their own circle.

Sandor Berki, Parbeszed’s rapporteur for ethnic minorities, said the footage uncovered Fidesz’s true stance on Roma policy, and the only way the Roma could move forward would be with a cleansing of Roma public life.

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