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Parbeszed elects Richard Barabas co-leader

Richard Barabas has been elected co-leader of Parbeszed-Greens, the opposition party's leaders said at a press conference on Sunday.

Barabas, the party’s spokesman and the deputy mayor of the capital’s District XI, pointed to the need to build a “just, open and green Hungary, characterised by solidarity”. He added that he aimed to base the party’s politics on “people, communities, democracy and green principles”.

Barabas has been elected co-leader to replace Bence Tordai who became the leader of Parbeszed’s parliamentary group.

Timea Szabo, the party’s other co-leader, said Hungary needed a “credible” green party more than ever. She added that Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s state of the nation address on Saturday was “more proof” that he “didn’t understand climate change and a fair green transition”.

Barabas and Szabo are included in Parbeszed’s EP list.

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