Photo: MTI

Parbeszed changes name to Parbeszed-Greens

The opposition Parbeszed will change its name to Parbeszed-Greens and Benedek Javor will head the party's list at the European Parliamentary elections, its co-leaders said on Sunday announcing decisions made at a party congress on the previous day.

Bence Tordai said at an event dubbed “Go for 2024! – With Parbeszed (Dialogue) for a Green Hungary” that green politics required the understanding of what sustainability meant and a realisation that there were problems with the basic logic, approach and operation of the current system.

Rebeka Szabo said green politics went beyond trying to improve environmental protection in the current regime but involved a critique of the regime. She said the party was not only critical of the “hybrid local regime built on stealing public monies” but it was also critical of a global capitalist regime that put profit above the people’s security and children’ future.

Tordai said a green Europe and green Hungary had to be built where green solutions are promoted and green principles are enforced on all levels of decision making, including locally, on national level and throughout the EU.

Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony, addressing the event’s local municipality section, said that cities must play a leading role in slowing down climate change.

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