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Parbeszed calls for revoking licences of several battery plants

The opposition Parbeszed party is calling on the government to revoke the official licences of battery plants and processors where fires, accidents or deaths have been reported.

Addressing an online press conference on Friday, Timea Szabo, Parbeszed’s parliamentary group leader, called for the operations of the plants in question to be suspended and for a resumption of official authorisation procedures. Szabo added that her party would introduce stricter official checks in the sector.

She cited growing reports of accidents at battery plants in recent months, insisting that it was “clear that the government . doesn’t have regulations and conditions in place” that would guarantee safety and regulate the operations of such plants.

“The cabinet has neither the capacity nor the political will to convince these polluting factories to adhere to the minimum safety standards,” Szabo said.

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