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Parbeszed calls for longer paternity leave

Opposition Parbeszed is submitting to parliament a proposal to extend the period of paternity leave, the party's top MEP candidate said on Sunday.

Benedek Javor told an online press conference on the occasion of Father’s Day that the 10-day paternity leave mandated by a European Union directive was not necessarily enough for a father and his child to begin to establish an emotional connection.

Parbeszed is submitting an amendment proposal aimed at guaranteeing fathers 30 days of parental leave for a single child and 45 days for twins, Javor said.

Every father deserves to spend at least this much time with their child at the earliest possible stage of the child’s life so that they can establish a real emotional connection, he said.

Parbeszed believes that the father’s role in the life of the family also includes providing an emotional background and that stable emotional connections are an important asset to society in the long run, Javor added.

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