Katalin Novak - Photo: Facebook

Parbeszed calls for joint opposition presidential candidate

The opposition Parbeszed-Greens party is inviting the leaders of the "pro-republic" opposition parties to meet to discuss a potential joint presidential candidate, party spokesperson Richard Barabas said on Sunday.

Barabas told an online press briefing that whereas his party had proposals for the candidate, what was more important at this stage was to show “strength” and a “way forward for the country mired in a moral crisis” by taking a joint stand.

The task of “the pro-republic opposition”, he said, was to show an alternative to the “corrupt system”, and “a political path based on truth, solidarity and caring for each other”.

Barabas noted that his party had called on President Katalin Novak to resign, adding they were glad that she had done. “Prime Minister Viktor Orban now cannot hide behind the skirts of his former allies,” he added.

Barabas said the Parbeszed-Greens party continued to support the idea of electing the president directly as it was important that the “institution regain its credibility”.

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