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Parbeszed: Adoption of EU’s Nature Restoration Law ‘huge green success’

Benedek Javor, EU advisor to the opposition Parbeszed party, has called it a "huge green success" that the European Parliament approved the Nature Restoration Law on Wednesday.

Speaking at an online press conference on Thursday, Javor said the regulation was a cornerstone of the European Green Deal, and of key importance to preserving natural habitats and biodiversity.

Javor said “the right-wing political forces of the European Parliament did everything” they could to thwart the adoption of the regulation. Hungary’s government earlier backed the proposal in the European Council, but Fidesz MEPs, along with Marton Gyongyosi of Jobbik, voted against it on Wednesday, Javor said.

The opposition LMP has called on the government to discuss Hungary’s tasks in the wake of the decision in parliament. Co-leader Erzsebet Schmuck praised the negotiating position adopted in the European Parliament as “very lucky for our future”. “Although the proposal is weak, it is a step in the right direction,” she told a press conference.

Noting that the ministers’ council adopted a “watered-down version” of the European Commission’s original proposal, Schmuck said that the document aims for member states to improve the state of 30 percent of deteriorating natural habitats by 2030.

Schmuck said Fidesz’s “change of heart”, which supported the proposal in the council of ministers but voted against it in the EP, was “surprising”.

Those voting against the proposal are unaware of the growing speed of climate change, she said. The situation of farmers will worsen “if we fail to act, not as a result of the document,” she said.

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