The Paks nuclear power plant – Photo: OAH

Paks Power Station receives fuel rods shipment

The Paks Nuclear Power Station has received a shipment of nuclear fuel rods which will guarantee the secure operation of the power plant for several months, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Thursday.

During the energy crisis, it has become especially important if a country can produce for itself the majority of electricity needed, Szijjarto said on Facebook. In Hungary, the Paks Nuclear Power Station provides half of the electricity produced and covers one-third of the consumption, he added.

“The secure and predictable operation of the power station is crucial for our energy security. It requires nuclear fuel, which we import from Russia,” he said.

Szijjarto added that the fuel had arrived on a new route after train transport through Ukraine and air transport through the northern part of central Europe had become impossible.

“Thanks to a fair approach by our Bulgarian and Romanian partners,” a mixed solution has been developed, he said. The fuel rods have been transported by boat to Bulgaria, then transferred to a train which transported them through Romania to Hungary

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