Paks II project advancing ‘according to plan’

Work on the upgrade of Hungary's Paks nuclear power plant is "proceeding according to plan", the local unit of Russia's Rosatom, the general contractor for the project, told regional news agency Paks-Press on Monday.

“Rosatom has always fulfilled and is fulfilling all of its contractual obligations,” Rosatom Central Europe told Paks-Press.

The state of Russia is financing 80 percent of the cost of building two more blocks at the Paks nuclear power plant which accounts for about half of domestic electricity generation.

In the meantime, an adviser to the opposition Parbeszed party called on the government to terminate the contract to expand the plant.

Due to the recent sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU and other international players, the project has become “unrealisable in practice”, Benedek Javor said.

A former MEP, Javor added that the sober-minded were aware that projects enhancing dependence on Russia undermined the security of the country concerned, as well as that of the European Union as a whole.

Javor blamed the government of having rushed into the Paks 2 project, and “putting all its eggs in one basket” by discouraging the use of wind power and alternative sources of energy.

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