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Orbán’s speech provides no answers, flees responsibility, opposition says

Viktor Orbán has "failed to address the cardinal question: why the accomplice of a paedophile was granted a presidential pardon," the Democratic Coalition (DK) said in a statement issued after the prime minister delivered his annual state of the nation address on Saturday.

“The prime minister would not provide an answer, he refuses to take responsibility and will not apologise to the victims,” DK said.

Jobbik-Conservatives said in a statement it was “obvious that Hungary is in the greatest political scandal and moral crisis of the past 30 years” and Orbán should have taken responsibility for “the disgrace of the pardon case”.

The Socialist Party said Orbán had “made it clear the scandal was resolved” with the resignation of the president and of the former justice minister, while “fleeing responsibility”.

The radical nationalist Mi Hazank Movement said Orbán’s speech “depicted an idyllic Hungary that is very far from reality”. “The prime minister will not take any personal responsibility for the pardon scandal that has shaken the whole country,” the party added.

Parbeszed-Greens said they regretted that “no honest reflection took place” in Orbán’s speech. “The prime minister should have made amends for this disgusting paedophile whitewashing”. In addition to President Katalin Novak, former Justice Minister Judit Varga and Reformed Bishop Zoltan Balog “he should have admitted that he is politically responsible” for the scandal, they added.

LMP said “we still do not know why Endre K. has been granted a pardon.”

The Momentum Movement said the prime minister had “not addressed the most important questions”.

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