Prime Minister Viktor Orbán - Photo: PMO

Orbán: We continue building European right-wing cooperation in spite of “pro-war pact”

People have voted for change yet, even so, "they have been betrayed by the Brussels elite", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in Saturday's issue of daily Magyar Nemzet, adding: "We will continue to build cooperation between European right-wing parties in spite of the pro-war pact."

“Europe is in crisis. Christian civilisation that determines the framework of our lives is disappearing,” Orbán said, adding that the European Union was in a state of decline and the bloc had been losing its economic significance for the past three decades.

“The European order has been vanishing in front of our eyes,” he said, pointing to a growing threat of terrorism and deteriorating public safety. He said that in international politics “peace, order and development” had been replaced by “war, migration and stagnation”.

Orbán said matters had been made worse by “a multitude of poor decisions taken by the Brussels bureaucracy in recent years”. He insisted that Europe was drifting a war from which it could gain nothing but had “everything to lose”.

The prime minister said “Brussels bureaucrats are sending the money of European taxpayers to Ukraine” and “have shot European companies in the foot” with sanctions, driven inflation up and pushed millions of European citizens into a cost-of-living crisis.

Also, they had weakened the continent’s competitiveness through tax raises and mismanaged the green transition, he said, adding that Europe was using more coal, and energy was more costly than five years ago.

Orbán said European farmers were protesting on a daily basis and inferior-quality, cut-price Ukrainian farm produce was flooding the market.

He noted that the enlargement of the EU with Western Balkans countries has stalled, arguing that the bloc needed the new member states and their economic momentum more than ever.

Due to a mismanaged migration policy, he said illegal migrants continued to flood the Schengen area. Yet Brussels “is penalising countries such as Hungary that stop the migrants and want to force them to take the migrants in,” he added.

Orbán said the Brussels bureaucrats failed to consider the interests of ordinary people and instead tried to force their own ideals such “poisonous” green policies and multiculturalism on them.

Orbán said it had been clear before the European parliamentary elections that, in light of the spiralling war in Ukraine, change was needed in Europe, adding that “the overwhelming majority” of voters had opted for parties promising change instead of “a pro-war” stance. In 20 out of 27 member states, sovereigntist or right-wing parties that campaigned with the promise of change claimed victory, he insisted.

European voters had made it clear that they wanted an end to the war in Ukraine, an end to migration, and the European economy back on a path of growth, Orbán said. As expected, people started “taking Europe back”, but “the Brussels bureaucrats launched a counter-attack”. The socialists and liberals, “who are interested in maintaining the status quo”, joined forces with the European People’s Party, and, ignoring the choice of the European people, concluded “a shameful pact”, Orbán said, insisting that the sole aim of the “pro-war pact” was to keep the Brussels elite in power.

The prime minister said the task of the right-wing parties was to enforce the will of European voters, adding that they would continue to build an alliance of European right-wing parties in spite of “the pact of the elite”.

“The right-wing parties must create strong European parliamentary groups and build cooperation between them,” he said.

There will be two key events on Sunday, he said, adding that “we must look to Paris and Vienna,” adding that a big step has been taken towards change in America, too.

“If everything goes to plan and God helps us, by the end of the year, the patriots will have a majority in the whole of the Western world,” Orbán said.

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