Prime minister Viktor Orbán – Photo: PMO

Orbán tops Szazadveg poll

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was preferred by 51 percent of respondents to Peter Marki-Zay, winner of the opposition's recent primary election, whom 41 percent would like to see at the helm of the next government, according to the latest survey conducted by the Szazadveg Foundation.

Marki-Zay is mostly popular with Budapest residents (54pc), while he was less preferred by respondents from small towns and villages (37pc), the pollster said in its report released to MTI on Tuesday.

Conversely, Orbán is supported by up to 56 percent of voters in small places and by 38 percent in the capital, the report said.

Fully 8 percent of respondents said they would not disclose their preferences or were uncertain as to whom to support.

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