Prime minister Viktor Orbán - Photo: MTI

MEP involved in sex scandal quitting Fidesz

Orbán: Szajer’s actions incompatible with Fidesz’s values

Jozsef Szajer's actions are incompatible with Fidesz's values, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the online edition of the daily Magyar Nemzet on Wednesday.

Szajer, who on Sunday announced his resignation as a member of the European Parliament, on Wednesday quit the Fidesz party, Magyar Nemzet reported. The politician tendered his resignation to Fidesz party director Gabor Kubatov, the paper said.

Speaking to Magyar Nemzet during a break in a cabinet meeting, Orbán said: “What our fellow representative Jozsef Szajer did is incompatible with the values of our political community.”

“We won’t forget or disavow his thirty years of work, but his action is unacceptable and indefensible,” the prime minister said. “After what happened, he made the only right decision by apologising and resigning as an MEP and quitting Fidesz,” Orbán said, adding that his party has acknowledged Szajer’s decision.

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