Prime Minister Viktor Orbán - Photo: PMO

Orbán: ‘Soros’s people blackmailing EC to withhold money from Hungary’

"The people of George Soros keep blackmailing the European Commission to withhold money from Hungary because they want Ukraine to get that money," Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said late on Thursday. The money Hungary is entitled to is 32 billion euros overall, Orbán said in an interview to commercial Hir TV.

“Hungary has now collected 10 out of the 32 billion, but we need to get the remaining 22 billion,” he said, and added that there was a “great likelihood” that the 22 billion euros “could be considered as a resource secured”.

“If this money is sent to Ukraine, and if it goes like the US foreign secretary has said, 90 percent of the total landing with American companies, then it is not such a bad deal for them,” he said. The current “loud wailing” has been triggered by “the total amount having diminished by 10 billion euros, which the EC had to give to Hungary”, he added.

Concerning the EU, Orbán said Hungary did not want to leave the community because its basic principles were good, but it “wants to take over political control in Brussels, it wants to occupy the EU”.

He said the cooperation of European people, the common market, and “combining each others’ strengths while attending to each others’ weaknesses” were good ideas that could serve Hungary’s intererests well.

At the same time, he said there was no need to establish a “superstate” that would treat its members as “provinces”.

“We don’t need a Brussels like that, but one that supports the nations’ self-respect and sovereignty and allows countries to decide how they want to live depending on their own cultural traditions,” he said. “One that controls the market but does not want to say how a Pole, a Hungarian, or a Portuguese should live,” he added.

“The upcoming European parliamentary elections should be won and political control in Brussels should be taken over,” he said.

Decision makers in Brussels “think that the era of nations is over” and the EU should operate as a “new, united superstate” … they also think that the Hungarian concept of the family … is paleolithic and the world is about same-sex marriages and live experiments of sex change,” Orbán said. According to the prime minister “they think it is good if Europe’s borders are not protected … and all the needy of the world should come to Europe, and mix with indegenous peoples to create a new civilisation,” he addded.

The EU has in recent years “weakened and lost its ability to act … it has become infinitely bureaucratic, cumbersome, and divided … that is the explanation why it has not yet given membership to the countries of the Western Balkans , though their accession would be geographically justified,” Orbán said.

On the subject of cooperation with China, Orbán said “there is a long queue of EU members striving to do business with China, Vietnam, and Russia … they are attacking us because they want to leave us out, they don’t want competition.” It is in Hungary’s interest to offer an opportunity “for the East and the West to meet on its territory and in its culture … even if Hungary is an EU and NATO member … we must be a bridge,” Orbán said.

Concerning EU aid to Ukraine, Orbán said “we can talk about it, since that country has been attacked and has serious problems, and though it has not treated (ethnic) Hungarians well, even tormented them, in a situation like this they could still be given financial aid”. He added, however, that “it is not clear why we should make a decision on 50 billion euros for four years in advance, when we do not know what will happen in the front line even in two months’ time.”

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