Orbán: Peace needed in Ukraine as soon as possible

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warned of the danger of a third world war and called for peace as soon as possible in the Russia-Ukraine war in an interview with US media personality Tucker Carlson posted on Carlson's X social media page early on Wednesday.

Orbán called for an agreement with Russia on a new security architecture “to provide security, sovereignty for Ukraine, but not NATO membership”.

“We are living in a very dangerous moment,” he said. “So the third world war could be knocking on our door,” he added. He said “we have to be very, very careful”. “And that’s my message always to America, as well at NATO summits, be careful with that”, he added.

“If any western country would send boots on the ground, that would mean a direct war between the West and Russia,” Orbán said. “And we are in a third world war, immediately. So it’s a very dangerous moment now.” he added.

You can watch the interview in full here

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